Don't you love the thought of  Picnic ideas for two?
They  can be as simple as a last-minute decision, or a well-planned picnic basket to travel, or a small feast to meet a friend…
through to a really special tete a tete, a romantic picnic!

It's exciting, but can also be daunting… planning and sorting through recipes and other lovely suggestions for your picnic.

This will help you!

  • Have help, use our old trustworthy family recipes and new fresh recipes which I have found work really well for a picnic.
  • Help with ideas about what to take.
  • Use our examples for lovely simple picnic ideas for two.
  • Car picnic ideas.
  • Easy picnic finger food.
  • A romantic picnic for two.

For Picnic ideas for two... start with a smaller picnic basket.

Picnic basket for a picnic for two
  • These picnic ideas for two can be as simple as last-minute car picnic ideas, perhaps in the middle of winter… and eaten inside the warm car while you watch the trees swaying in the wind, or animals backing into the bushes to keep warm… or the waves crashing at the beach, while you sit in your warm comfortable car, munching yummy picnic food.
  • Or a well-planned picnic for two, made with a little cooking for the picnic basket. Then you take a rug and cushions, to laze on when you meet at the picnic spot.
  • The most exciting picnic is a romantic picnic of course. Impress with individual sensuous finger food to share with someone special, on the picnic rug, in a secret spot of course… in a boat, or at the beach, or hidden in the park, alone, snuggled up on a rug for your romantic picnic ideas for two.

To start your picnic food ideas for two I thought you might like to see an actual picnic ...

one of the car picnic ideas... use as an example.

A freezing winters day, although it looked like a lovely sunny day and thoughts were of sitting out on the grass. But the only outside venture was to quickly move the basket from the back seat to the front between the two seats of the car! It was such a freezing cold wind... brrr!

Picnic ideas for two... out in the gorgeous countryside with alpacas... and a sheep, coming up to see what's happening... cheeky things!

A couple of cheeky Alpacas at our picnic

It's fun to use these picnic ideas in the middle of winter when you need to escape from the four walls of home,

to eat something yummy, then, weather permitting, perhaps head out for a brisk walk.

This  picnic was a quick decision, sun shining, grabbed the picnic food, the bottle of wine, filled the thermos with coffee, checked the picnic planning ideas… headed off!

These picnic ideas for two can be used for any picnic and you can adjust to your favorite food... check picnic lunch ideas.

Choosing your own food, then making your own sandwich at the picnic, is a bit of fun... and makes it quicker to plan and pack at home.

It would be worth looking at picnic sandwich recipes... see what was taken to Clayton Bay... a last minute picnic for two!

It seems to taste better too, when you choose your own food combinations!

Check picnic planning ideas, this will give you all the 8 lists to check before having a picnic...

don't forget anything!

These picnic ideas for two will need…

  • A basket
  • Two, or three tea towels, or small table cloth
  • Paper napkins... or serviettes, or box of tissues
  • Bottle of wine... or your other favorite beverage
  • Pepper and Salt
  • Sugar, if you need it for coffee
  • 3 Plates… 1 extra if you need to put food on
  • A small board to assemble
  • 2 glasses
  • 2 coffee mugs
  • Small thermos of coffee
  • Extra milk if you need it
  • A small knife and fork to prepare food
  • A picnic rug
  • Cushions
  • Rubbish bag

Bowls of olives and nuts for an easy appetizer

For an easy appetizer... with a glass of wine while preparing the main fare...

A few artisan olives

A small bowl of almonds and cashews.

Check the easy appetizers page with other suggestions for you.

Crunchy bread in front of the picnic basket

For the main fare... Using these picnic ideas for two, pack the basket with these suggestions…

Crunchy bread… thick slices, buttered at home

Then favorite food from the fridge…

• Boiled eggs... peeled

• Tasty matured cheese for some

• Soft cheese and Feta for others

Mixed green salad leaves for a salad…

  • Rocket
  • Sorrel leaves
  • Baby spinach

Picnic spread for two in front of a car.
  • Italian parsley
  • Little basil leaves
  • A few hearts ease flowers and nasturtium to tear apart
  • Cherry tomatoes... and a heritage tomato too.
  • An avocado with lemon squeezed over to stop browning
  • Cold roast beef… ham, roast pork, turkey, chicken or lamb, would be great too!
  • Horseradish and relish and Dijon mustard
  • Dill cucumbers

A couple of good-looking tea towels... one to line the basket and one to toss across the top… they will be used as your table cloth in the car.

A small table cloth could be used too. Catch the crumbs or dropped bits!

The crunchy bread with rare roast beef and mustard as a base... then with salad over...delish!

All this delicious picnic food can be made into an open sandwich,

or... very thick beef salad sandwiches… well perhaps two for him!

crunchy bread with roast beef

If you need more inspiration, do check for more ideas in sandwich recipes… You will find lots of ideas here!

Food you can eat in your fingers is easiest for these picnic ideas for two. It might be a bit messy to eat .... but it is soo good!

An open sandwich… so yummy!

An open sandwich... so yummy!

Being a last minute picnic for two and a few slices of banana cake found in the freezer...

 you might like to have something sweet with your coffee too... delicious!

Delicious banana cake with prunes... yum!

Delicious banana cake with prunes.

Oh so yum and beautifully moist... this simple recipe is in the easy picnic cake section.

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  • If you can make a little extra when baking cakes, or scones... even quiche, or similar... it will be very handy when you decide to have one of these last minute picnics for two.
  • Freeze those extra bits, mark the containers with ingredients and date, when freezing. It is easy to forget how long they have been there.
  • These little picnics are a great way to use up left overs, or the last bit of cheese, or the odd boiled egg and so on. It's amazing how yummy they are when you are out somewhere special... and then turned into a picnic open sandwich made by you... your choice of tasty morsels!
  • Pickled calamari, mussels and smoked salmon will be delicious too.
  • Containers with mustard, pickles, sauce (ketchup), or mayonnaise will add extra flavor.

picnic table bright little

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