Inspirational... sometimes unusual... but always creative ideas for a picnic!

Ideas for those playful, fun days...  extra special ideas for your sparkling picnics.
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Things gathered for you, coming from varied places and suggestions...
Things including, the latest trends for picnics... hints, tips and even stories.

Learn how to use herbs and flowers to enhance your picnics
Use Marigold petals for cooking
Little edible daisy to use for your picnics
Use violas edible for your picnics
Primula flowers look lovely for a decoration and are edible for a picnic.

Learn how to use edible herbs and flowers to enhance your picnics

Find these ideas...

A bright picnic basket with a cloth with lemons.... ready to fill with picnic ideas!

Special suggestions on how to make the picnic look.. oh so stylish.

Ideas from very old books and paper cuttings... some antique.

From picnic yarns and stories... funny and not!

From mistakes made by others... our picnic mistakes too!

What to do when meeting unusual "friends"... and knowing where to find them.

With suggestions for very special secret picnic places... romantic, clever, fun.

Including the latest trending new ideas.

... And cooking with flowers and herbs.

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This will include special yummy picnic food ideas from old picnic recipes we have found...
As well as these favorite recipes and ideas... Our Grandmothers, Mothers and other family members and special picnic friends have donated their favorite recipes and ideas... and stories too.

These fascinating old books have lots of "sticky notes" in them... ready to research!

A pile of old book with recipes for a picnic

Let's chat about...

The latest picnic trends... and some interesting old ideas too, although not always practical today.

Really useful tips.

Classic and distinctly romantic picnic food... and where to have this exciting rendezvous.

Then toss in a few picnic yarns... 

carefree and cheerful picnic tales...

sometimes, hopelessly romantic, or disappointing, or dangerous!

We will chat about our many ideas for a picnic...

like those we used for a very happy, heart warming day.

Find this story In a "Picnic Chatter" to come.

This heart warming day was a really lovely family picnic with Russell. He is someone... well, a special dusty sheep... who had a beautiful connection with a couple of the younger members of our family! Our woolly friend Russell, joined us for this bush picnic.

See his loving face at our table below... he might look as though he needs a bit of a wash, but he does live in a dusty paddock!

Russell's caring, scruffy, paddock friends, did something so very special and moving for him!

It warms my heart and brings a happy tear to my eye to think about it.

I will share his story with you... I'm sure you will love it too!

Enjoy those extra ideas for a picnic, found while hunting through old school recipe books... some of those books put together by the Mothers, to raise money for their schools. They have some great recipes and ideas.

Then yarns, like the romantic picnic by a little creek, or the picnic on horseback in a storm, or new years eve at the beach!

Have you found that funny things happen at picnics, yet?

Picnics head the list for some of the best, happy times... so find help here... make your happy memories.

Tell us your story too.

Join us... let’s explore a little bit of picnic happiness! 

Let’s chat about picnics!

As we chatter about ideas for a picnic, you'll find a mixture of...

  • Extra top tips... with ideas for a really lazy picnic.
  • New, easy, tasty, recipes.
  • The latest trends... who would think that there are picnic trends!
  • Stories of the latest picnics... funny or not!
  • You will find how to hunt for interesting picnic spots... to help you choose a special spot.
  • Smile with the people and animals we meet... you will love Russell's full story... to come! I couldn't resist introducing him now, it's such a lovely, heart warming story!
  • Could you share a story with us too?


Have you met any unusual characters like this friendly fellow?

Russell the sheep at the bush picnic

Dear Russell the sheep, absolutely loved our family bush picnic and his friends did something so special for him... and us!
Who has joined you at your picnic?

Find creative ideas from many picnics and experiences and trends...

and new, delicious recipes, suitable for picnics...

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This picnic planning is divided into eight different sections for you...

Everything from the rubbish bag, to the bottle opener and lots of links to different food ideas... and the sunburn cream, picnic rug... and the Frisbee!

You will find that when you plan your picnic, it is so much easier to check the lists I've put together for you. You don't need to go blindly looking in cupboards or the shed, wondering if you should take this... or that!

Some of these things can be gathered the day before... or even a week before.

More ideas while waiting for your "Picnic Chatter".... easy and quick food for you to prepare... extra hints for this!

Do check the easy "cheat" quiche though, in Picnic Food Ideas, it is so handy and I have made it many times, many variations... and I always have comments from fellow picnickers about this delicious homemade Quiche... hmm... should I tell all?

Look at these lunch ideas... there are so many different lunch ideas, simple and really tasty.  

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