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Picnic Chatter, Issue #001 -- teaser here
August 19, 2022

A big welcome to our Picnic Chatter!

In this first short newsletter I thought I would explain something you might be wondering about... why "Picnic Chatter" and why build a site about "Lazy Picnics" anyway?

Plus helpful suggestions for you.

Have you had a picnic invitation? ... Woo Hoo!

We love a good picnic with our family and friends, and the knowledge from our many experiences, ideas, recipes… and much more… seems to be a great idea to share with you... more fun for you too!

Have great days out in the country side, lazing, eating too much, sipping on your favorite beverage... just chatting away and enjoying your friends company. ... Or relaxing, while your family enjoys the yummy picnic you have prepared!

Having a lazy picnic which has been well planned, is well worth the effort!

There will be so much to chat about in the newsletters… practical things, funny things, where to picnic, what to take... what to cook.

And who to take… the dog, for a start? Or not, sometimes!

There was a headline… you possibly saw it too… “Picnics Return!” But have they ever gone?

Aren’t we all happy to escape our homes and head out into the great outdoors? After a change of season, or a busy time… or after lock-down during the pandemic.

Around here we are all longing for happy times… are you too?

Let’s explore a little bit of picnic happiness... let's chat!

But why make a website about picnics… and why isn’t it finished?

Some time ago, well years ago, way back in 2011 the idea to build a website about my passion... picnics... started.

Back then it was "Top Picnic Ideas"

Then life got in the way... and lots of picnics later... and I hadn’t done anything to the site for quite a few years.

I would just check in every now and then… and yes it was still there… and I was still getting visitors! This was even though it was looking very old fashioned and there wasn’t anything new published. Hardly anything to help the picnickers who visited.

Well, I’m back… and ready to help!

I have spent the last, well, quite a few months, modernizing, rearranging and adding new bits to the site… checking the old favorite recipes and new.

Then deciding a new, easy to remember name was needed, and after much searching and pondering... the winner was...

"Lazy Picnics" ....just what we all need!

Still a long way to go, but I’m having fun rummaging around looking through those favorite old recipes and other great ideas… and checking out what picnickers are looking for.

I’m really looking forward to helping you with this!

Oh... and by the way I don't think this site will ever be finished... more ideas and recipes just keep appearing!

Find suggestions to help plan your picnics…

Before you head out to your picnic do check the 8 lists in the picnic planning. Plan a picnic will help. You will find everything there from the dog lead to the hats and plates for the food.

See the gorgeous girl with her lead in mouth, ready for a walk!... Not a human girl, just in case you are worried!

My other suggestion this time is to see what’s there already… and what’s new in our Lazy Picnics home page I hope you have had a good look around the site and keep coming back to see what’s new.

Perhaps you have suggestions, questions or comments.

I would love to hear them. Just reply to this zine and tell me what you think. I will get back to you as quickly as I can… but remember it is just me here!

I won’t be bombarding you with lots of emails and I’m hoping you find them a bit of fun... and helpful too.

So, let's chat everything picnic!

Remember I'll share a mixture of fun ideas… extra hints and tips, recipes and picnic stories and more, in our chats.

I'd love it, if you could share your ideas and questions too.

Happy picnics!

Cheers, Susan. c/o SiteSell, Inc. 1000 Saint-Jean Boulevard Suite 702 Pointe-Claire, QC Canada H9R 5P1

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