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Plan a Picnic

Attached to your next newsletter, number two, is a FREE report on the best way  to prepare and pack your picnic...      You will find that when you plan your picnic, it is so much easier to check the lists I've put together for you. You don't need to go blindly looking in cupboards or the shed, wondering if you should take this... or that!

This picnic planning is divided into eight different sections for you... everything from the rubbish bag to the bottle opener and lots of different food ideas... and the sunburn cream and picnic rug... and the Frizbee!

Some of these things can be gathered the day before... or even a week before.

Picnic Food Ideas

More ideas for the newsletters.... easy and quick food for you to prepare... extra hints for this!

Do check the easy "cheat" quiche though, in Picnic Food Ideas, it is so handy and I have done it many times, may variations... and always have comments from fellow picnickers about the delicious homemade Quiche... hmm !

Lunch Ideas

More newsletter ideas... there are so many different lunch ideas from simple... to sophisticated... heaps to chat about! Maybe you will have suggestions or questions, good for the "Picnic Chatter" newsletter.

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